wipe the floor surface

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wipe the floor surface

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Avoid sharp objects, such as scissors, knives, and other scratches on the surface of the floor;In fact, the maintenance of the floor can not be separated from the life in the good habit of a little bit. The common reinforced wood floor should not be laid in the kitchen and toilet;
after the floor is finished, the indoor air should be kept. After 12 hours of floor installation, the staff can move on, and furniture can be moved.The economical and practical composite wood floor has become the floor decoration of the people's living room.
Proper use and care can prolong the life of the composite wood floor.The method of maintaining the composite wood floor is very simple.Usually you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the surface dust, and then wet after the dry to the dripping cloth or mop wipe the floor surface.
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