vertical cold pressing technology

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vertical cold pressing technology

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<p>from the Chinese doors are known as Zhejiang Yongkang, large-scale enterprises, the production of steel doors are rich and varied, a variety of series, but also demonstrated the Jin Kerry's superb product design technology, Steel wood interior suite door sales in China is also among the best. 2, Panpan Panpan Housing Co., Ltd. is located in Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, Panpan production of a lot of products, including fire doors, shutter doors, security </p>
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<p>guaranteed quality , Making Siegel become the industry's brand-name products. 4, Jinya Juju Jade is also Zhejiang Yongkang brand. Has been committed to building the world's leading professional enterprises, it is also the earliest research and production of modern sales category of integrated door industry enterprises, but also China's steel doors industry only IKEA export to the EU, the Middle East enterprises. 5, Yu Heng Yu Heng is a professional </p>
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