The new Slake Dot bracelet is made of crystals with brand

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The new Slake Dot bracelet is made of crystals with brand

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Attractive shades of turquoise, turquoise and intense pink dominate Swarovski's new Swarovski collection for the Spring / Summer months, inspired by the stunning seas and oceans belonging to the world. Thanks to beautiful shades and shapes which represent marine flora, the collection is brilliant and provides color and energy to swarovski outlet uk each set. Nathalie Colin, Swarovski's Creative Director explains: The sea is definitely absolutely natural and inexhaustible supply of beauty and is the perfect inspiration for the collection of jewels with the spring / summer time. In addition to experiencing the beauty of mother nature, each piece gives a new sophisticated, feminine elegance that fits perfectly in virtually every circumstance.

The spring style has a seasonal version of an old favorite piece, included in many shades. The new Slake Dot bracelet is made of crystals with brand new, original cuts that develop dazzling effects. Stardust, Slake and Slake Dot bracelets is usually worn together creating a color feast or swarovski accessories uk separately adding a amazing touch to each arranged.

As Spring gives strategy to the summer, Swarovski praises marine life through bright colorations, geometric shapes and coral-like conforms. Starfish, hippocampus-inspired spirals and shell shapes are a number of the key features of the collection. Eminence's bold necklace includes crystal clusters which were fitted with the latest Pointiage technique for dazzling results and excellent baguette cutting crystals for swarovski mens jewellery contemporary style. The necklace is often combined with white.

dressing to magnetize the design. Nathalie proposes the combination of delicate and impressive designs to get a distinct look: For this season I choose to combine an impressive using a more minimal ring, building a vivid contrast. I choose to wear a good number of rings together that fit perfectly when using the shades of my necklace around your neck. For a truly sophisticated style, combine the necklace with all the impressive Euphory cocktail wedding ring. With metal base plus shades on Amethyst, Emerald green and Siam, the ring features a modern style and exudes an expression of luxury. It fits easily into any occasion as possible worn both for some sort of city walk and swarovski christmas uk a formal evening hike.
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