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adidas neo womens

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Adidas brand adidas energy boost womens founder is Adidasler, Dassler is a shoe maker, or an obsessed amateur athlete. He began his business from 1926, when he opened his home to create a dedicated light running shoes and soccer shoes factory. In 1948 due to the Dasler brothers have family conflicts, adidas energy boost white Dassler company divided into two. One of the companies called Puma Adidas Dale's brother, the other is now Adidas.meaning of the logo:Adidas clover logo

Many people adidas neo womens because of the shape of the reasons that Adidas clover logo represents a blooming flowers, representing the spirit of the Olympic Games (but also the world's athletes have been pursuing the goal) in the "higher, faster, stronger" The But in fact, the Adidas clover logo originally adidas neo black represents the three continental plates connected together - the shape of the plane as the three-dimensional three-dimensional plane, and the world map is very similar to the symbol of the world spread to the movement. At the same time, this symbol also symbolizes the Adidas brand founder Adi Dasler in the sneakers on the three lines.
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